Mucky Creature Ltd is a games studio currently specialising in games for mobiles and tablets.

Mucky Creature Ltd was formed in May 2014 and released its first game, Bubblision, in December 2014. Mucky Creature Ltd is owned by Kieren Pitts and is a 5-9 project. That is, the games produced by Mucky Creature Ltd are projects undertaken outside of the normal working day and for personal interest.

Personal biography

Kieren has been a gamer since the early 80s and creating computer games for almost as long. His first experience of computer games was via a friend’s ZX-81 and, later, a 48K Spectrum. Having been “classically trained” on the likes of Sabre Wulf, Atic Atac, Cyclone, Elite and Jet Set Willy he moved on to the Commodore Amiga and classics such as Starglider 2, Falcon and Geoff Crammond’s Formula One Grand Prix. Kieren’s first experience of “creating” computer games was transcribing source code for computer games line-by-line from books into the Spectrum. As time went on Kieren began creating games from scratch including a web-based fantasy sports game and games in Flash and, more recently, Unity.

Aside from gaming, one of Kieren’s other main interests is biology and, in particular, entomology (six-legged bugs rather than the computer sort). Having spent many years studying insects Kieren returned to computers and currently works with academics to support their research as well as doing a bit of teaching and acting as a trustee for an entomological charity.

Kieren has continued producing games for many years although many were released only as part of “Staff Art Shows” rather than getting wider exposure. Mucky Creature Ltd is a way of collecting new projects together and having a bit of fun.

A, sadly necessary, disclaimer…

Mucky Creature Ltd is a personal project of mine and is in no way linked to the work I do for my employer(s) or any other organisation I work for, with or represent in any capacity.