Bubblision is a simple but addictive game for Android phones and tablets.


Save the bubbles! For too long bubbles have been burst, pierced, shot and squished. It's up to you to stop the big bubbles from bursting on spikes and keep them bouncing for as long as you can.

How to play

  1. Stop the larger bubbles from bursting on the spikes by firing smaller bubbles at them.
  2. If the colour of the small bubble matches that of the larger bubble you slow down the larger bubble and can send it away from the spikes. If the colours don't match then the big bubble will still change course but will speed up.
  3. Three different power-ups appear from time to time allowing you to slow bubbles down, increase your score or return a bubble to the game.

To move to the next level you'll need to get the required number of colour matches. Swipe your finger across the spikes to change the player bubble and get more matches but beware, changing the player bubble increases the speed of the others.

Can you keep up with the pace?

Pro-tip #1: use the 'Next bubble' display to play more strategically
Pro-tip #2: the more colour matches in a row you get the more you'll score. Trails indicate a long run of colour matches.
Pro-tip #3: change the player bubble with caution as the other bubbles can speed up quickly... timing and strategy is everything.

High scores can be shared, if you wish, using Google Play Game Services.

Bubblision is free to play and ad supported (using AdMob) - small banner ads being shown on non-game screens. There are no in-app purchases.

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or from SlideMe: http://slideme.org/application/bubblision