Bubblision - final test version

I'm really grateful to everyone who has helped test Bubblision and provided feedback and suggestions to help improve the game. I'm pleased to say that I’ve just released the latest, and hopefully last, test update of the game.

The main changes for this final test version are:

  • Added sound effect to the "Level up!" screen
  • Minor bug fixes to address some inconsistencies in the scoring
  • Changed the shader used on the main game bubbles
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in "Paused" not being shown when loading a saved game
  • Fixed a bug that did not show the number of matches required when reloading a game
  • Added links to the privacy policy

Assuming that no new issues crop up I'll be releasing the first production version of Bubblision very shortly.

About Kieren

Director of Mucky Creature Ltd. As it's a one-man games studio I suspect that also makes me lead developer, sound designer, lead artist, marketing director, community support officer etc etc...