Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #11 – The one where the rivals turn up

Last month was another difficult month as I've been very busy and not able to put in as much time on Oversteer Racing as I'd have liked. That said I did manage to do some work on the user interface and also to work on improving the code that tracks performance (lap times etc) during the race.

The opposition

I did manage to do a bit of work on "the opposition" and some research on how best to tackle the artificial intelligence (AI) required to get the cars to compete reasonably realistically. How the other cars race against the player and amongst themselves is key, in my opinion, to a good racing game. I've been reading a few articles and doing some background research on a variety of topics including AI, neural nets, rules of various motorsports and racing technique.

Oversteer Racing screenshot showing two cars on track

Next month

My current plan is to spend a bit of time working on various ideas for how to control the rival cars. I also need to do some work on stats collecting for each car so that I can track the progress of the race and, ideally, present some graphs after the race. I don't plan to create any of the graphs in the coming months but I plan to make some changes to allow me to record more telemetry from the cars.

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