Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #14 - The one where we get a tow

For this dev blog I've created a video showing the progress I've been making with the game. The transcript for the video follows.


Welcome to the second dev blog for Oversteer Racing. I had hoped to produce these video dev blogs more frequently but it's been a busy year so this is my second... only nine months since the first.

The focus of this video is to show you some of the progress I've been making on the game. Specifically I'll be talking about the work I've been doing on rival cars and AI. We now have more than one car on track and that's a major step for a racing game. I'm driving the blue and white car and the AI is driving the red car. On track you'll see some diamond markers. When playing the game these would be hidden but they're used by the AI to determine where the track is and the best route. Currently this setup of track markers allows the AI car to follow different routes around the track, such as taking different lines through a corner, and the lap times are comparable to those I can achieve with the player car.

The other work I've been doing is on the situational awareness of the AI cars and also modelling the effect of an aerodynamic tow on cars following another closely. So, as you see me drive around the track you may notice a yellow line extending from the front of the blue and white car. This is not something that will be visible in the final game but demonstrates when the car is getting an aerodynamic advantage by following the car in front. The size of the advantage is proportional to the how closely the cars are to each other. The closer they are the more of a tow the following car gets and the faster it can go.

In the footage you can see me using the aerodynamic tow to catch up with the car in front and then pass it on the inside of the first corner. When the player car is alongside the red car you may be able to see a yellow line extend from the side of the red car. This is used for me for debugging and shows that the red/AI car is aware that another car is alongside and it adjusts the line it takes through the corner to allow the passing car room. In the actual game I plan to link this to an aggression factor so some drivers are more likely to turn in on passing cars and defend strongly than others.

So, I hope that's given you an insight to the work I've been doing and how Oversteer Racing is shaping up.

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