Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #16 – The one where we take stock for 2017

At the end of 2017 I thought it would be a good opportunity to take stock and review what I've achieved with Oversteer Racing over the last twelve months.


Pit stops

If you've been following along with my dev blogs then you'll know that I began the year by working on pit stops. This included the UI allowing the player to refuel the car, change tyres and fix damage and also animating the pit crew as they run to/from the car.

I also did my first video dev blog on pit stops:

User interface

I've created a functional user interface that allows players to name the drivers and teams and also place themselves in the team of their choice. Although the UI works it's far from pretty at this moment in time.

Rival cars

A lot of work this year has been on rival cars. The first step was to get the cars to drive the circuit and put in competitive lap times. I then worked on tracking the race position of the cars and calculating split times between the cars. I also worked on aerodynamic tows and this made it easier for cars to overtake each other. The final part of this work for 2017 was to work on code to allow rival cars to return to the circuit if they had left the track.

I also published a second dev blog:

What's gone well?

I've been pleased with some of the developments I've added to the game during the year and, in particular, the work on rival cars and their AI. After all, it's not a racing game without other cars to race against.

What's not gone well?

The main issue has been a lack of time and that's meant I've achieved far less than I'd hoped this year 🙁

Next year

My main focus will be to complete all the functionality of the game so that I have a working implementation of everything. I will then do a lot more play testing and refine the game further.

Happy New Year!

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