Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #27 – The one where we go on the defensive

It's been a relatively quiet month in terms of Oversteer Racing. I've managed to do a few things but not as much as I'd hoped and, due to Christmas etc, I expect next month to be less productive than November.

Going defensive

One thing I did look at this month was getting the rival cars to start following a defensive line. I've already added slipstreaming/tows to the cars but I also want the rival cars to react to the player and each other and defend a position. There's a fine balance here as racing cars that are always on the the defensive probably won't be fun. Conversely, racing against a car that seems ambivalent to your presence won't be fun either.

For some time I've been able to create alternative routes on the race track and allow cars to switch between them. This is also how I get AI cars to enter the pit lane etc. Up until recently switching between routes on the main race track has been a random choice by the AI. I've now set up the AI cars to be more likely to take the more defensive line if the car behind them has been within range of a tow during the previous lap.

I plan to also change the likelihood of a driver defending their position to be linked to the "aggressiveness" value of the driver in the car. Aggressive drivers will be more likely to defend than more passive drivers. On a related issue, cars being lapped should not defend the position.

Next month...

Next month will be very busy so it's unlikely I'll get much done on Oversteer Racing unfortunately.

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