Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #4 - The one where the holidays get in the way

One of the main issues with developing a game in your spare time is that finding that time can be difficult. There are many competing concerns for your time and, during the year, you find yourself with more or less time than you expected... almost always less.

Over the holiday period I had hoped to be able to get my head down a bit and dedicate some time to writing code on Oversteer Racing but unfortunately that hasn't happened. That said, I have spent some time working on areas that are a little easier to fit into short, irregular periods of time than coding can be.

Scope and planning

I try and keep a plan of outstanding work in Pivotal Tracker so I spent some time adding new tasks to the backlog and arranging them into a sensible order as some items are dependent on others. This has helped me work out roughly how much more development there is on Oversteer Racing. With my current work rate the burn down predicts a beta release in November. I plan to release before this though, and I think the burn down has been affected by the lack of work I've been able to do over Christmas, but it's good to see progress mapped out like this.

Oversteer Racing burn down chart


I've also been able to do a bit of research for the game both in terms of motorsport and games development. I did find time to read "Surviving The App Store" which was a really interesting read and gave me lots of things to think about. I thoroughly recommend it... although it does suggest that working on a long term project like Oversteer Racing might not be the best route to success.

Ugly UI

The other work I have been able to do is start creating a very ugly UI for the game. At this stage I'm more focussed on functionality than appearance so it's pretty basic but a good start. One thing I still need to decide on is if I'm going to use Unity's PlayPrefs or serialise the data into something like JSON. I can see pros/cons for both but I'm mainly concerned that the amount of data I'll be storing will mean that PlayerPrefs will be quite cumbersome.

Next month...

I'll be working on pit stops and a bit more of the UI.

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