Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #5 - The one where I change things

After the somewhat slow progress I made over Christmas I've managed to get a few things done over the last month. This has been a big encouragement as some parts of the game are taking shape now.

Stop.... Go!

This month I managed to do a fair bit of work on pit stops and these are now functioning as I'd like, albeit without a beautiful user interface at this stage.

As the car enters the pit box a measure of how accurately you've positioned the car is taken. The game is then paused and a menu shown giving you choices for the stop. Players can choose how much fuel they want and whether to change tyres and/or fix damage to the car. These choices affect how long the pit stop will be (shown in second but also represented by a yellow bar), for example, the more fuel you take on the longer the car will be stationary. Also, your accuracy in entering the pit box affects how long the stop takes too. The more accurately you position the car then the closer the pit stop duration will be to the minimum time needed to take on that amount of fuel etc. If you do not position the car well then the stop will take longer. This, hopefully, reflects real life where the mechanics would have to adjust their position and the stop would take longer.

While you select the amount of fuel you want etc the game is paused. Once you press "Go" then the game will be unpaused and the work carried out on the car. During this time your competitors will be carrying on around the track but your car will still be in the pits. The yellow progress bar will decrease showing the remaining time for your stop. Once the bar disappears the car is released and you can exit the pit lane.

To demonstrate some of this functionality I've create a video dev blog:

Next month...

I'll be finishing off pit stops and also working on race control and the additional data I'll need to store during the race.

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