Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #9 – The one where we see what's on the menu

This month has been interesting as I've been mainly thinking about some of the user interface issues and work associated with allowing users to customise the game.

How big will the game be?

As an indie dev, and the sole person working on the game, the size of the game is an important factor as it defines the amount of work I want/need to do and this also affects when the game will be finished. I can't afford for the amount of work to increase because this means the game will take longer to complete. That said, I need to be able to provide enough content for players and hopefully some additional features that people might be willing to pay for.

As a result, I've spent some time considering how much content I want to create. My current plans are to create a game with five teams, each with two drivers (making ten cars in total), and nine tracks although not all tracks may feature in the free version of the game. I feel that this is achievable and should also provide a significant challenge in the races.

Making money

Making games is a lot of hard work and I'd like to help fund future work by generating a bit of money from Oversteer Racing. I plan for the game to be free and to charge for some additional content. Things may change but some features people may pay for include:

  • Extra tracks
  • Weather effects
  • Ability to change driver and team names
  • Functionality to change the design of the cars

Next month...

I want to finish off some of the menu scenes (at least in terms of functionality if not design) and will then focus on some of the code for managing races. This is likely to include work on handling the end of races either through the number of laps being completed or through retirement.

About Kieren

Director of Mucky Creature Ltd. As it's a one-man games studio I suspect that also makes me lead developer, sound designer, lead artist, marketing director, community support officer etc etc...