Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #8 – The one where we set the scene

This month has been another really busy month and I've not been able to spend as much time on Oversteer Racing as I'd have liked. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) issues when you're working on your own on a project is, if you're busy or tired and you can't face working on that project in your spare time then nothing gets done. The lack of progress can then get quite frustrating. Anyway, I have made some changes so there has been some progress.

Pit stop animation

I did spend a bit more time on animating the pit stops and also produced an animated gif of a pit stop for #ScreenshotSaturday

Oversteer Racing pit stop animation

Code fix-ups

In recent versions of Unity there have been changes to some of the code associated with determining if levels have loaded and also the playing of particles. These changes mean that some of the code I've written previously results in warnings when run. So, during the last month I've taken time to re-write this code to use the newer way of doing things in Unity.

Setting the scene... many scenes

I've been creating scenes to allow players to configure the game and customise some elements of the game (such as driver/team names). My intention is that some of the customisation options will only be available if a player pays for the functionality (as an in-app purchase). This decision isn't set in stone but just how I'm currently thinking. Ideally players will be able to play a lot of the game for free but may have to pay for extra tracks and the ability to customise the game. I'm only part way through this work but have made a reasonable start.

Creating artwork

I've also been thinking about the design of the game and what artwork I'll need to create. To help me with this I've been photographing some toy cars to try and work out what the best angles are and the types of illustration I'll need to create. I'm not that good at illustration/design etc so taking photographs has helped me try out ideas and work on an art style.

Next month...

I will be continuing to work on game scenes and I might try adding some weather effect or sound.

About Kieren

Director of Mucky Creature Ltd. As it's a one-man games studio I suspect that also makes me lead developer, sound designer, lead artist, marketing director, community support officer etc etc...