Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #19 – The one where I had to do something else

It's been a really busy month and I've had to spend quite a lot of time on one of my other projects, my fantasy F1 competition. It's always the same this time of year because of the start of the F1 season and the hard deadline that the start of the season represents. The game needs to launch a couple of weeks before the first race in order to give people the time to sign up. The hard part is picking the right cost for the drivers and teams so that there is a high number of possible teams but it's not easy for players to pick teams with lots of good components. Once the game has launched I can't change the value of the components so, if I get it wrong, then it can have a detrimental effect on the game for the entire season.

But, back to Oversteer Racing, what have I achieved in the last month?

Unfortunately the answer is not a lot.... but I did do something, no really. I found and fixed a bug that caused the sand/dust particle system to continue playing after a car had left the track but was now stationary. Unfortunately that's all I've managed to do and that's pretty disappointing but, when you're one person working on a game then, when you have to stop to do something else, all progress stops.

Next month

I really hope to be back working on the AI code again. I need to get this finished off so I can move on to other things.

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