Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #31 – The one where it's never ending

Unfortunately it's been a really busy month for a variety of reasons. I've found it very difficult to find regular blocks of time to work on Oversteer Racing and so progress has been very slow.

When I have been able to work on the game I've been looking at the end of the race and producing the race summary. I have code to track the race finishers and retirements. The main issue is dealing with cars that are yet to finish the race and, even more tricky, predicting the race result if the player retires before the end.

I did also find time to fix a slightly annoying issue that's been present for some time. When the player car turns, the front wheels of the car rotate to reflect the turning of the steering wheel, this was not the case for the rival cars. If you look closely in any of the game play videos to date you can see that the rival cars steer straight ahead even when turning. I have now fixed this so that the wheels on the rival car rotate correctly too.

Next month...

I'll continue working on the code to handle the end of a race.

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