Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #32 – The one where we plan a move

It's been a difficult month and I'm really struggling to think of any tasks I've completed on Oversteer Racing. I've been away which dramatically reduced the amount of time I could spend on the game and I've also had some other tasks that have demanded my attention.

One of the issues is that the web host I use for this site (and a number of others I run) has been bought out by GoDaddy. For a variety of reasons I'm not keen to be a customer of GoDaddy (feel free to check out their page on Wikipedia as that covers a number of the issues). As a result I've had to start looking for a new host. That process has also resulted in me reviewing a number of the things that demand my attention to see if I can reduce my time commitment by changing how I do things. The idea is that by reducing some of the complexity of the sites I support I could get a 'pay back' in terms of time. Quite a few of the websites I run rely on a database (or many) and some other software such as WordPress (for example). This has a knock on in terms of finding good web hosts and supporting the sites as I need to make sure the sites are up-to-date (in terms of software updates) and also to take automated backups etc.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of time I spend looking after websites I've decided to convert some of my sites to using Jekyll (which is a static site builder). I've decided to use this site as a test site as it's small. The idea being that I can build the site in a Vagrant VM and check in the site files to Git and then just deploy them to a simple, static site (something that's offered by many hosts).

So, sorry for the lack of progress or a conventional dev blog but it's one of those times where other tasks take priority.

Next month...

Hopefully I'll have moved this site, will be well on the way to moving the others and will then have more time to work on Oversteer Racing.

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