Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #35 – The one where cars block the pit lane

It's been another busy month but I did manage to spend some time fixing a few bugs in Oversteer Racing.

One of the things I discovered was that the game settings were not being used in the race. So, if I set the damage setting on then the car damage wasn't affected in race. This was also the case with the other settings that players could change before the race. This was relatively easy to fix once I'd noticed it.

Another issue I discovered was that NPC cars would some times crash in the pit lane. These crashes would then block the pit lane and prevent other cars from pitting. These crashes were caused by the pit lane limiter not being set correctly for NPC cars. As a result these cars were entering the pits too fast, missing the turn in point for their pit box and blocking the pit lane.

Next month...

I hope to do some more play testing and bug fixing.

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