Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #34 – The one where we tie up a few loose ends

It's been a fairly busy month but I have managed to work on Oversteer Racing, so that's a significant step forward from previous months ;-)

As it's been a while since I could put a reasonable amount of time in on the game I've been getting back up to speed by fixing a few minor bugs and tying up some loose ends. Most of this work has still been focused on the end of the race and making sure the data is correct. I've made sure that the race summary uses the correct driver and team names (as set by the player) and also made sure that the code correctly determines the time gaps between the cars.

I've also fixed a few minor bugs where data was being misrecorded (incorrect pit stop numbers, DNFs etc) and also fixed a bug that meant that smoke wasn't being shown when an engine failure occurred. I've also been working my way through all the settings scenes and making sure those settings are reflected in the game (i.e. if you switch on advanced handling then that is toggled on in the game).

Next month...

I hope to finish off all the work on the code to handle the end of the race and correctly record the results and update player stats etc.

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