Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #6 - The one where I take control

I've been fairly busy with other things this month so haven't made as much progress as I'd like. However, I have continued making progress on the pit stops. I've now introduced the concept of tyre sets and cars have a limited number of sets. This means that, if making many pit stops, there isn't a never ending supply of tyres for the car. The plan is, if all the sets have been used, the car is fitted with the used set that has the most grip remaining.

Race control and race metadata

Within the game I have the concept of "race control". My intention is that this replicates some of the functions performed by its real life equivalent (tracking car progress, fastest laps and so on) but it's also handling some more more unusual data. For example, at a pit stop the cars can be refuelled but the amount of fuel being added is measured in laps rather than a unit of volume (e.g. litres). As the amount of fuel used per lap will differ between tracks I've created some code to allow me to work out the average fuel usage per lap. This information is then stored as race metadata and is used at pit stops to work out the actual quantity of fuel to be added to the car.

Pit stop animation

I've also been doing some research into Unity's animation system as I want to animate the pit crew during the pit stop. The crew won't be seen working but I want them to come out of the pit garage, surround the car and then return at the end of the stop.

Next month...

Finish off the remaining tasks for pit stops and then work on some of the screens for the game. If there's time I'll start work on sound.

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