Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #7 – The one where we go there and back again

It's been a really busy month as I've been working on my other racing project - the online fantasy motor racing competition that I've been running for the last 17 years. Oversteer Racing has had to take a bit of a back seat while I launched the competition for this year. However, I have been working on a few tasks...

There and back again

I have been trying out the animation tool in Unity to provide a representation of the pit crew during a pit stop. Unlike some forms of motorsport the crew won't be in the pit lane when the car enters but will surround the car at the beginning of the pit stop and retreat at the end of the stop. This will provide a bit more interest to the player towards the end of the stop.

Tyre sets

Over the last month I've also been thinking about managing tyre sets at pit stops. The current system is that four sets of tyres are allocated to each car for the race and the use of these tyres is tracked. At the pit stop, the tyres with the least amount of usage will be fitted to the car (if the player chooses to change tyres).

Next month...

I will be creating some of the other game scenes and adding some sound.

About Kieren

Director of Mucky Creature Ltd. As it's a one-man games studio I suspect that also makes me lead developer, sound designer, lead artist, marketing director, community support officer etc etc...