Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #33 – The one where we get the move done and fix things

As mentioned last month I had to spend some time moving my website over to a new host this month. As I was moving the site I took the opportunity to try and simplify things a bit. The old site used WordPress and that's great but it requires some effort to maintain (software updates, database backups etc). As I needed to move the website anyway I chose to stop using WordPress and use Jekyll (a static site builder instead). This should pay back in terms of time but offer similar functionality.

I have managed to do some work on Oversteer Racing over the last few weeks too. I'm still working on the code to handle the end of the race. I've made good progress and the code is handling most of the scenarios I'd previously outlined for the end of the race. It still needs a lot more polish but it's been good to make some progress again.

Next month...

Further work on the end-game code and I also want to make sure that, if users change the names of drivers and teams, these are reflected in the end-game scenes.

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