Oversteer Racing: Dev blog #41 – The one where we get down to business

As I mentioned last month I didn't expect to get much done this month and that proved to be correct. January is always busy because I like to finish off a few housekeeping tasks at this time of year.

In terms of Mucky Creature it means my own personal tax return and also doing the company accounts. These things don't take that long to do but I always seem to leave them until January rather than just get them done earlier in the year. It's not like I submit them at the last minute but I do still leave it until a couple of weeks before the deadline usually. It's not great but, to be honest, it's not the most exciting of tasks either.

An additional task I needed to finish off too was moving my business bank account... I know, proper "rock n roll" stuff this month. That said, I think it highlights the pressures on your time when you're working on fun projects outside of work. You get to do the fun stuff, like programming, but you also have to find time to do all the less interesting stuff, like switching banks.

I'd like to say that I'll be able to work on Oversteer Racing during February but in all honesty February is likely to be busy too. One of my other side projects always requires attention in February so I doubt I'll be back on Oversteer Racing in any meaningful way until March.

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